MM2VLC Manual Install Instructions

MM2VLC is now installable manually.
Links to each component to download are provided.

(1) The Startup script

VLC is now embedded into MM as an ActiveXControl inside a dockable window.
(1) Download the MM2VLC startup script here
(2) It will download as a basic text file (it's actually a VBScript, but your browser will throw security warnings if I uploaded it as a VBScript)
(3) Save this file in your MediaMonkey auto scripts folder - "<Path to MediaMonkey>\scripts\auto"
(4) Rename the file with a ".vbs" extension.

(2) Install the MM2VLC input plugin

 Now you need a way for MM to interact with video filetypes. Installing this plugin will make the following files native to MM:
- M4V, MP4 (mp4-video)
- MOV (Quicktime)
- MKV (matroska)
- AVI (divx etc.)
- WMV (windows media video)
- ISO (DVD rips)
All of these file types can be played with VLC player without breaking a sweat.
(1) Download the plugin
(2) Save this file in your MediaMonkey plugins folder - "<Path To MediaMonkey>\plugins"
(3) Download and place the following C++ runtimes in the "C:\windows\system32" (32-bit) or "C:\windows\sysWOW64" (64-bit) folder:
These are the version 10 runtimes for c++ that I have stupidly included as a result of only having Visual Studo 2010 beta 2 on my machine. I'll work towards removing this dependency by updating my tooling on my dev machine - but for now, it's needed.
(4) If you restart MM, then go to Tools...Options...Input Plugins, and you will see the plugin registered like the following below:
Note: If you are using the in_vid4wa plugin - you'll need to remove it. Both this plugin and the vid4wa plugin will compete for the same filetypes and things don't work too well.

(3) Using the in_vid4wa plugin?

You'll need to remove this from your registered plugins if you want to use MM2VLC. This old winamp plugin will compete for some of the same filetypes as mine and cause problems.
Besides, I think my plugin is much better :)